OECD Agricultural Policy Monitoring 2017

OECD has published its Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2017.
After analyzing agricultural policies in 52 countries, OECD continues to emphasize the importance of shifting the policies away from direct support to the support to general services for ensuring sustainable development of agriculture across the world.

Support to producers amounted to USD 519 billion on average in 2014-16, 60% of which was in the form of price support. Only a small share of support (12%) goes to the general services.

Russian Agricultural Policy: Priorities 2020

he Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachyov announceth the list of Russian agricultural and fishery sectors’ policy priorities until 2020:

  • ensure food security and import substitution;
  • efficient financing;
  • support to farmers;
  • technical renovation;
  • support for agricultural science and education;
  • bring order into agricultural lands ownership and turnover;
  • improve quality of life in rural areas;
  • establish fair prices for food and improve food quality;
  • export promotion; and
  • development of coastal fish processing, infrastructure and storage facilities.

The proposed actions include:

  • Simplification of the subsidies: to reduce number of subsidies from 70 to 40 (!)
  • Interest rate subsidy will be financed on the federal level (now it is financed from the local budgets);
  • Regulation of the retail mark-up for foodю