Russian Agricultural Policy: Priorities 2020

he Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachyov announceth the list of Russian agricultural and fishery sectors’ policy priorities until 2020:

  • ensure food security and import substitution;
  • efficient financing;
  • support to farmers;
  • technical renovation;
  • support for agricultural science and education;
  • bring order into agricultural lands ownership and turnover;
  • improve quality of life in rural areas;
  • establish fair prices for food and improve food quality;
  • export promotion; and
  • development of coastal fish processing, infrastructure and storage facilities.

The proposed actions include:

  • Simplification of the subsidies: to reduce number of subsidies from 70 to 40 (!)
  • Interest rate subsidy will be financed on the federal level (now it is financed from the local budgets);
  • Regulation of the retail mark-up for foodю


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